Textile Machinery

Biancalani produces innovative textile machines for the finishing sector in which fabrics, knitwear and non-woven fabrics are involved.

With an increasing number of units in Turkey Biancalani is today synonymous of export quality also for Turkish textile products. The traditional fields of application in our land are the fashion industry on a full range of compositions from cellulosic to synthetic and blends. On the other hand, the success obtained in other countries in the upholstery sector is today replicated in Turkey with a concentration of machines running in Bursa and Istanbul area.

The word that better summarize Biancalani products is innovation and adding value process for almost fifty years of activity. Each machine is a guarantee of originality for the user. The standards of performance are always high, and the results are guaranteed. Thanks to the research that lies behind each machine, from the designing to their industrialization, from the installation to starting them up and training the personnel, each user can appreciate their merits and versatility.

The customer always receives a practical technological support: a difficult fabric can always be sweeten; the good qualities of an average fabric are exalted while concealing the defects. When use of the machine has become a daily occurrence, Biancalani customer-service guarantee everyday the constancy of quality and production: the customer's satisfaction is one of our most important priorities.