Textile Machinery

The Cubotex company started  with a new generation of dyeing boilers in 1984 bringing sector innovation at Italy. Cubotex offers  important advantages to businesses in energy consumption, labor costs, water and chemical consumption, compared to their competitors thanks to the patented paint boilers in many countries. Along with these technologies, it has become one of the most important suppliers in the market and has guided the sector by ensuring that its machines work successfully in businesses around the world. The company every year invests an important part of its revenues in the R&D department and presents new technologies to the market. In this context, produced dyeing machines now have 20 international patents and International certifications. At present, the companies using Cubotex dyeing machine are considered the most productive and technical dyehouse in the world. In 1984, the company's first dyeing machine which was produced by the company is still working as smoothly as the first day in a company in Turkey. All the machines are 100% produced in Italy in the same unit where the design department works in close contact with the manufacturing. Cubotex provides endless support to every company with solution partner logic by producing the most suitable machine for customers' requests.