Textile Machinery


Matsuya is a company expertred in flat knitting machines. It has been producing both glove and flat knitting machines since its foundation in 1946. With its state of the art techonogies through long term experience, strictly quality control and satisfactory after- sales service network. Matsuya machines are higly reputed by customers all over the world.

In consideration to meet the increasing needs and potentiality of Chinese market, Matsuya has set up the first glove knitting machine production line in Zhongshan, China in the year 2000. Thereafter, other production lines were successively increased.

Matsuya has plans for a series of expansion project in order to adapt to the market development.

Construction of modernized factory and development of full jacquard flat knitting machines are the two main projects in our plans.

In 2007, our new factory was set up and our production lines are at present in full production to cover the various needs from our customers.

In Turkey Teksel has introduced Matsuya machines in the Euroasia Exhibition in 2012 in İstanbul.

The collar machines are running at 5 important referans customers in Istanbul. For more details please visit the web site www.matsuya .com.cn