Textile Machinery

Teksel has started the agency company with Monarch UK. Ltd Company in 1987. Later Biancalani Finishing Machine producer, Tinarelli stocking packaging and forming machine producer, Matsuya Collar machine producer, Fadis soft winding, assembling and air intermingling Machine producer, Busi socks Machine producer, Dyecoo Waterless dyeing Machine producer,Pugi Fabric preparation Machine producer and the Red Carpet Finishing Machine producer have joined Teksel Company.

Consumble Parts Accessories

Teksel Company is the sole distributor of the Samsung, Fukuhara and Monarch warp knitting, flat knitting, socks and stocking knitting and circular knitting machines needles and sinkers parts producers. We are cooperating with above compnies since 1990. Teksel has also started cooperation with BTSR, yarn positive feeders and yarn sensor producer, and Statex pure silver fibre, yan and fabric producer since 2005.

Teksel Textile

Teksel Company has been formed in 1987 to introduce the new technologies and to give technical service to her customers in Turkey. After developing the market with the best technology machinery producers and spare parts producers, Teksel has become one of the best suppliar of the textile machines and the spare parts and accessories. Teksel team is always following the new developments in the textile industry and presenting these new technologies to the Turkish customers. Teksel is also exporting her services to Uzbekistan, Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland and Iran