Textile Machinery

After starting its business with MONARCH Circular Knitting Machinery agency in 1988, BIANCALANI Touching machines, RED CARPET Continuous Decaturing machines, PUGI fabric batch preparation machines, BUSI Medical and Socket socks machines, TINARELLI socks packaging and forming machines, TMT-CIMI yarn sizing and wet brushing machines, GUALCHIERI fancy yarn machines and MATSUYA Knitwear and Collar machines representatives have joined the company.

Consumble Parts Accessories

TEKSEL TEKSTİL is the distributor and provides services of; SAMSUNG and MONARCH / FUKUHARA the manufacturers of needles and sinkers which are used circular knittting, knitwear, socks and seamless machines, BTSR is yarn feeding devices and optical yarn sensors producer, SHIELDEX-STATEX which produces Pure Silver fiber, yarn and fabric, KD Cloth manufacturer HOCKS, elastic It carries out the distributorship of XLANCE and MASSEBEUF technical yarn producers, which produce yarn.

Teksel Textile

Teksel Tekstil was established in Istanbul,1987 in order to present new technologies in the Textile Industry to the Turkish market and to provide technical service. It has become one of the most important companies in the Textile industry as the representative of many international companies in textile machinery, spare parts and accessories with its experienced expert staff in their sectors. It also provides technical services for all brands and products it represents.