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STATEX was founded in 1978 as a limited company working on special metallizing process of SILVER on POLYAMID fibres ,yarns and fabrics. Years of research brought the opportunity of extensioning the silverizing process and ability of metallizing, complete woven,nonwoven and knitted fabrics, guarantying a complete silver coat of every single filament.

Even more, for better electrical conductivity silverized fabrics and nonwovens are metallized with additional copper layer.

In 1996, SHIELDEX TRADING GmbH was founded for better distribution of the different STATEX products As world routing through smart technologies, Statex efforts brought a brand new use in silver by development of special silverized articles for medical applications in wound care and antibacterial actions and antialergic.

Statex company serves through international certificates and standarts by Silvertex silver plated staple fibers, mono/multifilament, spun yarns and Shiledex fabrics providing

- High Electrical Conductivity
- Anti Static
- Protection against Electromagnetic fields for
- Industrial purpose (e.g. PC, mobile phone)
- Cable Shielding
- Work Clothes
- Medical Clothes
- Consumer Clothes
- Smart Textiles
- Excellent Thermal Conductivity
- Highest Thermal IR Rating
- Anti Bacterial
- Anti Microbial
- Fungicidal
- Anti odor